Monday, March 22, 2010

Hail in Perth

This is the first time I experiencing Hail in Perth!
I was working that time when the storms hit.
A thick layer of Dark Grey Clouds, strong blowing wind.
It was so heavy we can hardly see anything from the window!
We were all curious, panic, excited (me cuz never see before) Looking at those pieces of ice shooting down from the sky! Then we realised the office's ceiling started dripping water!!!
We quickly cover up everything, move everything away from the water. We had to evacuate the place cuz it was flooding for a bit.
It's gona be a huge job for them tomorrow....>_<
The pieces of ice hit so hard on the roof, cars on the road and windows causes lots of damages in Perth city. Power cuts, Flood on the road, traffic jam, tree branches everywhere. To be honest, it was quite scary actually. Heard from my fren that she actually saw the ice is as big as a golf ball!

Lucky enough the sky was clear after an hour of pouring..
Insurance company is going to be very busy tomorrow...

Check out the news here.

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