Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour Dinner @ (A)Lure

Celebrated Earth Hour last Saturday at (A)Lure in Burswood.
Joe and I were really excited to go there to join the world in this event. We dressed up, off all the lights in the house and off we go to Burswood.

(A)Lure was beautifully lit up by candlelights. Oh so romantic~~

We had quite alot of food for just 2 of us. hehe.. Greedy.

Bread and Dips - On the house

Joe's favourite entree - Crab Meat

On the house- Mango Sorbet yum~

Joe's Main - Steak

Our side- Truffle Oil Mash Potato

My Moroccan Chicken


The night wasn't pleasant for Joe because we were seated in between 2 other couples. He was irritated because the seating was too near. But he was really happy when he had the crabmeat entree and the dessert icecream. It was the yummiest!
I have to say the mains in Alure wasn't the best. I have been to Alure last year for my birthday and we were dissapointed with the mains that we had.

Overall, it was an interesting night as this is the first candlelight dinner that we had together.

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