Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dinner @ Generous Squire, Perth City

Last Friday Joe & I went to this place that Christine told me about which serves huge and good food. That place is called Generous Squire. When we got there, that place was packed with people! They were not eating, but they were all drinking. The after work drinking session. Ahh.. I wish I can do that too~ haha too bad I can't really drink :P

Anyway, Generous Squire got a lil restaurant section at the back. Luckily there's one more table for 2. That place was fully booked on a Friday night.

We each had a James Squire beer.

Generous Squire serves generously huge portion of food with reasonable price!
We were abit surprise to see such a big portion of food right in front of us haha

Joe had the Convicts Tucker.
300g Rump steak, chips, choy sum, huge field mushroom and eggy of top!

I had the Fish of the day.
King Snapper serves on a bed of mango tomato salad. yummy yummy~
The food tasted excellent. We were so satisfied with our meal.
It's so nice to have such nice and enjoyable dinner on Friday night with a looooong walk after that in the City night shopping.

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