Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday present from my family

My sister's friend came to Perth for a short holiday with his mom, and weren't familiar with Perth, so Joe n I brought them to have a nice lunch at il padrino to have nice pizza.

Chilli mussel was nice. Very big n fresh! Yum
Spagetti marinara wasn't really impressive cuz I think they overcooked the pasta. But the flavour was good.
Pizza was yum of course, it's the most popular one. I like the pizza base.
Garlic prawn was the least favourite of all.
But we had good service! Anyway, we were busy discussing where to go n how to go by train or bus as they are only staying here for 3 days. It's pretty short one. Unfortunately they came on the days that I work, or else I could bring them around.

Anyway, my sis asked her fren to hand me my presents! So nice!!
I got artsy diary with batteries. I don't know what's the batteries are for but it is uncommon though haha. A fold yourself box calendar, n a malaysia production movie! Woooo...gonna feel homey watching that!

A bunch of comics. A love story comic o_O

And hippo!!!
My sis has been collecting stamps from guardian farmacy just to get this hippo for me! So cute right!? I like to dig the hippos nostril hahaha fun

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jasonho said...

eh, i tot the hippo is meant to be in your new room..

Jo Serwey said...

i got so many hippos at home, same thing lar~

Anonymous said...

i love italian!! pasta n pizza..MY FAVOURITE. awesome post! im gona try il padrino asap!!

Shaun said...

I really enjoyed the Papa Benedictine 16th and the marinara pizzas. The others were OK and didn't blow me away. We also had the chocolate dessert pizza but that was pretty average.