Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday dinner @ Amuse, East Perth

My 030310 birthday just past.. Awwww no more wishes til a year later.. :(
Kinda miss that moment! hahahaha

It's okay! No more sad cuz I went to Amuse finally on my birthday with Joe and Frances.

Why isit I wanna go there so badly?
This is why.

Awarded Two Hats and Rated Number One Restaurant in WA ~
The Top 50 Restaurant Guide 2010

Awarded Two Stars ~
Australian Gourmet Traveller 2010 Restaurant Guide ~ WA’s highest rated restaurant

Awarded Best Chef and Restaurant of the Year ~ Restaurant and Catering Industry Association

Awarded Three Glasses ~
Wine List of the Year Awards ~ Gourmet Traveller Wine

Who doesn't want to go right?

Interior was simple. Earthy colour paints with white table settings.
Nice and simple.

Uh huh! I finally use my bagggggggggg..!!! but just that 4 hours.. it's not enough!!! >_<" I gotto use it again.. maybe.. on... Saturday! ahhahahaah

Anyway, Amuse only serve degustation. You can check the menu here.

Amuse bouche
I must say... Chef in Amuse really did some amusing job.
The Food that they created is just amazing. Like.. no words can describe it.
Look at how they name the dishes.

Smoke, tomato and ash

Tuna, watermelon and horseradish

Mulloway, asparagus and clam

'Chicken or the Egg?'

Rabbit, coffee and cocoa

Duck, goat's cheese and black olive

Lemongrass and lime

Mango, rockmelon and szechuan

'Fruit and Veg'

Petit four

Nothing special isn't it? Not after you tasting it.
Joe thinks that there's no way to describe the food in words because there's so much to say after tasting it. They got weird combination in every dishes, a combination that we had never try before, and it just amaze me how the taste can blend so well with those combination!
I really salute them.
Can you imagine? Rabbit, coffee and cocoa? can go well together? Yes it can! and it's friggin yummy! Maybe I shall cook floppy and chuck in some coffee and cocoa powder in it?

If you have the chance and you appreciate good food, you should go there. I'm glad that Joe did abit of chef work last year because he taught me a lot about cooking and how difficult and time consuming it is to make a dish. It's not easy to be a chef.. a GOOD chef especially.

I think I'm back into indulging expensive food again.. I'm gonna be so broke >_<" Happy 28th to me! Shit I'm old.

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ching∞ said...

did the restaurant know you are a blogger, since you were BUSY taking photos and taking down the dishes' name? :p

i would LOVE to invite you for more food reviews if I were the owner!

wey said...

ahhaha i think they are famous enough.. dont need me to write a review for them hahaha