Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour Dinner @ (A)Lure

Celebrated Earth Hour last Saturday at (A)Lure in Burswood.
Joe and I were really excited to go there to join the world in this event. We dressed up, off all the lights in the house and off we go to Burswood.

(A)Lure was beautifully lit up by candlelights. Oh so romantic~~

We had quite alot of food for just 2 of us. hehe.. Greedy.

Bread and Dips - On the house

Joe's favourite entree - Crab Meat

On the house- Mango Sorbet yum~

Joe's Main - Steak

Our side- Truffle Oil Mash Potato

My Moroccan Chicken


The night wasn't pleasant for Joe because we were seated in between 2 other couples. He was irritated because the seating was too near. But he was really happy when he had the crabmeat entree and the dessert icecream. It was the yummiest!
I have to say the mains in Alure wasn't the best. I have been to Alure last year for my birthday and we were dissapointed with the mains that we had.

Overall, it was an interesting night as this is the first candlelight dinner that we had together.

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Lunch @ On The Terrace, Claremont

On The Terrace located on Bayview Terrace. Used to be called Kappa. It was bought over by the new owner probably few months ago.
Very nice environment to have a cup of tea or lunch and dinner.
Friendly staff and very attentive :)

I ordered tapas for myself and Joe ordered Pasta and caesar salad.

Pork Belly with seared scallops and blurberry jus

Bruschetta-Smoked salmon, avocado and rocket with red onion jam

Fettuccini -Chicken, mushrom & pancetta with white wine cream

Caesar Salad

We ended up sharing because I wanted to try everything hehe
I love the fettuccini the most. Love the texture of the pasta! A bit chewy, not like those soggy, overcooked, or watery pasta.
Bruchetta will be the second favourite. Well done in taste blending.
Abit dissapointed with the pork belly as it wasn't juicy and tender (the scallop on top was nice though). I have tried the best one in King St cafe, unfortunately they don't make them anymore. Maybe it's too difficult to do it :P

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

To Mantou's sis!


Do you know where the word OK come from?
Can you guess it?
Give you a hint. 2 syllabus.
Okay, the word OK is actually from the word ALL CORRECT.
Funny ain't it?
Long long time ago, maybe about 1920s, The Americans was in a craze of playing with words. For example like this one, A became O, C became K. It's just like the youngsters nowadays. They chat using tons of short form like TTYL (talk to you later) and type the word Kool instead of cool.
Amazingly OK is the only word that is widely used in the world.

Read here for more

Of course I didn't find this out myself haha! I'm not that smart! :P
Joe and I was in the car on the way home and the car with OKAY car plate number was in front of us. So, I took the picture and he told me the story :)
Learn something new everyday ey!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rachael and Josh's New Born Baby

I have known Rach and Josh nearly 4 years. They were together since uni, they got married 2 years ago, bought a house and got pregnant last year.
Finally her lil baby is out after 9 months of waiting.
Isn't he cute?
He looked so fragile I don't even dare to hold him. I just tap tap his face, tap tap his head and tap tap his tiny lil feet. Gorgeous lil baby.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010




I have drove roughly 121.3km today. Sounds like little but I was rushing!

To west perth> northbridge> west perth> belmont> cloverdale> airport> cloverdale> city> cloverdale> vic park> south fremantle> vic park> leederville> cloverdale.
I've been driving since 11am til 12am. Woah. I was so busy until I can't believe I did everything in 1 day and I don't feel tired at all!!! Felt like a superwoman suddenly. WAHAHAHAHAHA

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hail in Perth

This is the first time I experiencing Hail in Perth!
I was working that time when the storms hit.
A thick layer of Dark Grey Clouds, strong blowing wind.
It was so heavy we can hardly see anything from the window!
We were all curious, panic, excited (me cuz never see before) Looking at those pieces of ice shooting down from the sky! Then we realised the office's ceiling started dripping water!!!
We quickly cover up everything, move everything away from the water. We had to evacuate the place cuz it was flooding for a bit.
It's gona be a huge job for them tomorrow....>_<
The pieces of ice hit so hard on the roof, cars on the road and windows causes lots of damages in Perth city. Power cuts, Flood on the road, traffic jam, tree branches everywhere. To be honest, it was quite scary actually. Heard from my fren that she actually saw the ice is as big as a golf ball!

Lucky enough the sky was clear after an hour of pouring..
Insurance company is going to be very busy tomorrow...

Check out the news here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Harmony Vegetarian Food Fair in Willeton

Finally! The day has come! Satay! Kuih! Ham zhim peng~~~!!!

The event starts at 11am-2.30pm. Guess what? We got there at 11.30am, there's already one stall sold out all their Poh Piah! what the!? I just got here!!!
This is for my family. You know who's stall is that?
It's aunty Julie! She went there to help out in selling food.

Aunty Julie said people just came at 10.30am and started buying food. I was like NOOOOOOO... I want my FOOD!!!! Seriously!!

I want to have Fried Radish (Chai Tao Kuih). SOLD OUT. argghhh!!!
I want Ice Kacang!! Stupid farking long queue.
Just to buy Oyster Omelette, it takes about 20mins to wait.
Can you imagine how busy is that? Not enough parking space, not enough tables. The people who volunteered on this charity event, I think they were going nuts with people ordering. Not getting paid and need to work soooooooo hard for it. I salute them. But they did a good job on preparing the vegetarian food.

Joe had a piece of Vegetarian Spring roll and look at it! Full of goodness! hahahaha

Don't be shock to see the pic below. Well, Brooke did when she saw us heading out after a big food shopping. She was like look at what you guy got! at least 10 containers of food!

WAHAHAHAHA crazy already.
Let me list out what we got today.
Ang gu kuih, some sweet dessert kuih, peanut-corn pancakes, ham zhim peng, wu xiang rou, spring rolls, chai kuey, nasi lemak, 2xcha siu rice, 2xsatays and 2x oyster omelette.

All Vegetarian!!! FEEL SOOOOO SATISFYING~~~~~
Felt so good girl today because I didn't kill any animals today hehehehe..
My stomach didn't upset at me! Maybe I can be vegetarian? hahahaaha
I think I can hear people laughing together with me already~

I wish they will have same event next year and I will go there at 10am! I don't care.
or maybe I shall go there and help out? I think that will be nice. :)

Lunch @ Giardini, Leederville

Yesterday afternoon, Joe and I went to Leederville because I wanna have a look at the Leederville market on Oxford St. Went there and walk around to see what's good to buy.. haha ended up buying nothing because it's all stalls and stalls of clothing and I wasn't in the mood to buy clothes :P

So we decided to have early lunch at Jus Burger. We got there and saw long queue and packed with people.. dissapointed and look for another place to have a nice saturday evening lunch. I remembered Christine told me about this place called Giardini in Leederville. She loves going there for lunches and dinners with friends.

The restaurant looked a bit old-ish but it's a very comfortable place to go to.
Staffs were friendly, service was good, food was excellent.

Ice coffee & Lemon Lime Bitter

Peter's Risotto.
Grilled marinated lamb cutlets on arborio rice cooked with oven roasted tomatoes, olives and feta cheese with a dash of garlic and chilli.
Joe was pretty impressed with this one. He said it's creative and loves it.

I had the Fettuccini Fantasia.
Pasta cooked with scallops & prawns with a hint of garlic and chilli, in a whilte wine cream sauce with snow peas & one parmesan crackle.
Sounds yummy right? heheheh

How about after that, head to San Churros just across the road to huv some lovely chocolate fondue for 2? hahahaha just kidding, I didn't had that.. I think I know it's time for me to control my food intake :P

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Dinner @ Generous Squire, Perth City

Last Friday Joe & I went to this place that Christine told me about which serves huge and good food. That place is called Generous Squire. When we got there, that place was packed with people! They were not eating, but they were all drinking. The after work drinking session. Ahh.. I wish I can do that too~ haha too bad I can't really drink :P

Anyway, Generous Squire got a lil restaurant section at the back. Luckily there's one more table for 2. That place was fully booked on a Friday night.

We each had a James Squire beer.

Generous Squire serves generously huge portion of food with reasonable price!
We were abit surprise to see such a big portion of food right in front of us haha

Joe had the Convicts Tucker.
300g Rump steak, chips, choy sum, huge field mushroom and eggy of top!

I had the Fish of the day.
King Snapper serves on a bed of mango tomato salad. yummy yummy~
The food tasted excellent. We were so satisfied with our meal.
It's so nice to have such nice and enjoyable dinner on Friday night with a looooong walk after that in the City night shopping.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Milano Rug from

Remember I talked about buysterrugs in a few posts earlier? I finally got the Milano rug here in my room 2 days ago! The process of getting the rug was pretty easy, clear and fast. Package wasn't damage or anything. So, everything went really well. :)

Excitedly cut out the side of the plastic bag,
slide out the rug
unrolled it
touched it
feel it
sit on it
pull it
rolled on it
dig it
step on it..

It's really soft and silky!

At first when I looked at the picture on
I thought it's going to be thick & compact like carpet.

But this one that I got, look and feel nothing like that :)
It feels soft and silky and the way they tufted it, is about 2mm apart. That will make it easy to get the dirt out by just shaking it.

Overall, I quite like my rug. Even my cute lil wooden Japanese girl likes it too :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shanghai Food, Perth

I did something really weird to my friend Alice today. haha! I made her go to Northbridge with me and have a Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Soup Dumpling) Day! She stunned for a bit when I told her about it but she went along with me. Man! She is good! hahaha Usually people will think that I'm crazy and will just ignore me :P

Anyway, first stop, we went to Shanghai Flavors.

We ordered Spring Onion Pancake

Pan Fried Dumpling

and Shanghai Soup Dumpling

All these are Shanghai popular food. I'm not very familiar with Shanghainese food but I can say these ones that we ordered were pretty good. Not too sure about the Spring Onion Pancake though.. it's a bit dry.

Love the Panfry dumpling and the shanghai soup Dumpling (xiao long bao) I think they handmade it. It's pretty different from the ones that I had from other restaurants in terms of texture, shape and taste.

mmm soupy!

After eating those, Alice popped this question to me.

Alice: Can we digest first before we have another one?
Me: Yea sure! 30 minutes later we will go to another shop okay!
Alice: 0_0"

I think she regretted to do this with me hahaha

We went to VHT asian supermarket just across the road to did some impulse buying then head to another Shanghai restaurant. Shanghai Tea House.

In Perth, it's not normal to go into a restaurant and just have 1 tiny order. Usually you go there and have a proper meal. So, because Alice and I felt a bit embarrassed to just order xiao long bao, we ended up ordering Vegetarian delight Cold Noodle and Xiao long bao.

We liked the Vegetarian Delight Cold Noodle's vegetables, not the noodle. hehe. The boss has actually warned us that we might not like the dish cuz she has seen a few people didn't finish their noodle after they had it. We had a chat with the boss and she told us this dish is pretty common in Shanghai, but somehow quite a number of people are not used to the taste.
The quality of the food is pretty awesome. I have dined there once and I love it.
As for this dish, we particularly love the things that were put on top of the noodle. hehehe If the noodle was a bit springy.. I probably will finish everything hehe

Xiao long bao time. Tasted good. But was thinking to myself, the dumplings were too symmetrical to be handmade.. compare to the one that I had in Shanghai Flavor.
I better don't say too much haha

We were so full after that, we had to give up on more Shanghainese food. I think I have to train myself up before I think of having a challenge like this again!

This is the map to Shanghai Flavors. The red arrow.
A few shops down the road is Shanghai Tea House.

Click the image to get clearer view :)

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