Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yuki Jap restaurant & dumpling king Chinese restaurant

I'm gonna blog about 2 restaurants that I've been to since I came back from malaysia.

Yuki japanese restaurant.

That's frances waiting for me to go in. We were hungryy.. hehe

Lets jump straight to the point. Interior was nice but I was quite disappointed with the food there.

We ordered quite a lot, so we can to taste all kinds. Chicken udon is quite a failure. The udon was over cooked. Sushi was a failure too, the rice doesn't stick together. Others was just alright. I don't recommend to go there cuz it's quite pricey too. Compare to Momiji and Yuki, Momiji definitely wins. Price was cheap and food is good.

Dumpling king Chinese restaurant

Went there to meet up Rach and Josh for lunch. Exterior doesn't look very nice I know. But then interior was quite bright and "chinesey"!
This place is quite special, they sell korean-Chinese food. Food was quite authentic according to my korean frens. (They only had korean-chinese food there)
Heard from my fren that the chef. Is Korean n the wife is Singaporean something like that.

I had the fish head noodle cuz I miss the one in Jalan Alor, Malaysia... So yum..
This one that I had tasted alright but was wondering where's the milky soup base? The fried fish was yum. Couldn't finish the noodle though.. Too huge n I miss the chilli...

Joe had Mee Pok, which is the Singaporean style dry flat egg noodle.
To be honest, the malaysia & singaporean food tasted quite nice but it's just not the authentic flavor. After 5 weeks of eating asian food, I think my expectation for asian food is quite high now.
I don't even feel like having expensive food because of the conversion rate and I had so much good food in such a cheap price. It's weird. Everything here just look so expensive. I don't know when I will be indulging expensive good food again, but I think it will take quite a while for me to adjust.

I need some cheap yummy authentic hawker fooooood.

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