Friday, February 12, 2010

Homemade Kat Jai Suin Mui

This is what I do when I'm feeling I-wanna-do-something-now.

Yeap, I did a whole lot of concentrated lime juice.
Those limes are actually from Joe's backyard. The lime tree went crazy abit hahaha growing non stop. FREE FLOW of LIME!

mmm... my kat jai suin mui (lime dried salted plum+honey) tasted so nice~~~
Best in the world! WAHAHAHAHA


jasonho said...

i like it best with the skin blend together. and must be green ones..

Jo Serwey said...

yea i rmb that! but too kao for me mann.. andddd.. i lazy to take out the blender haahahahah
why not u come here and blend for me! :P