Monday, February 15, 2010

Greenhouse, Perth City

I went to a very unique place last weekend. It's call Greenhouse which is located in St Georges Terrace in Perth city right next to Enex100.

Greenhouse just open probably just a few months ago and it's already quite packed.
Interior is very creative. They uses alot of recyclable things to decorate the whole place.
Just like the pic that I took below.

Construction site wires as light bulb cover, reuse the bottles, and the recycle the hand wash water to flush the toilet! (sink on top of the toilet tank. heard from Frances that this is very popular in Japan) and there's a lot more to observe. Interesting.

They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serve Tapas. Chefs looking quite cute too! haha kidding

Every table is decorated with flowers with a reused bottle.

Anyway, 3 of us ordered quite a bit of food to share.

We had the Chilli cashews.
Not my favourite, in fact, it was abit bitter.

The Duck rillette & sourdough
Something different. Should try.

Greenhouse bits and pieces (serves 2)

Beer battered mussels with tahini sauce
Quite like this one too. Not very oily and taste like beer.. mmm...

Cumin buttered Corn
This is my favourite. I tried to make this for BBQ the next day. It was yum! But Greenhouse's ones are better hehe

As for dessert, Frances and Joe had the Valronha chocolate mousse, cinnamon biscuit, toasted marshmallow

This is super yum! Indulging~~~

As for myself, I had the watermelon jelly, berries, lemon granita, labne
I was expecting a chewy and harden jelly until i dig into it.
It was runny, watery, a bit gluey like. It's kinda weird.
Not sure if this is the correct way for them to make it, although is weird but if it's without the watery jelly, I quite like the refreshing taste of the it with the berries and stuff.

Overall, Greenhouse is a nice place to chillout, have a drink and some nibbles. I probably will go back there again to try the "24hr slow braised lamb shoulder, tabouli, yoghurt (serves 2)" it sounds delicious!
Service was okay. The waiter and waitresses kinda disorganize. Maybe it's newly open.
Atmosphere, SUPERB.

A good place to go.


100 St. Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

Mon & Tues 7am -late

Wed to Sat 7am -12am

(08) 9481 8333

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jasonho said...

very rustic.

whats with that door knob and bottle hanging in the loo?

jasonho said...
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wey said...

the door knob was like floating thingy for construction site i think? i huv no idea wats that bottle for ahahahah