Sunday, February 21, 2010

As old as me

This morning Joe showed me this old phone he found in store room.

A nice antique (or maybe retro?) phone. This phone was from Singapore telecom when his father was working in the company.

I was excited and when I turn it around, I saw this.

March 1982.
This phone is same age as me! Exact year, exact month!
I immediately asked Joe if I can have this phone to keep. He said yes, and cleaned it nicely for me. I'm so happy~
People always says I'm a rubbish collector. I collect anything! From something absolutely rubbish like empty plastic bottles to something really old like antiques..something that nobody wants.. haha
It really makes me wonder if that can consider as a hobby.

Come to think of it, I will be older in a few days. People asked me what I want for my birthday. How am I gonna celebrate. I wonder to myself... I don't know... Well, I obviously can have more Burberry and more gadgets..i don't really mind haha
But I was thinking to myself, Is there something I would really like or need now? There's nothing really...Maybe, one sure-win lottery ticket? That will be my biggest n awesomess present. Hahaha

Ooo! I love presents! Hahaha


fiery said...


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ching∞ said...

Ok ya leen i'll leave her to have the HAPPIEST birthday in your good hands! :p

jasonho said...

is that garfield?

Jo Serwey said...

ahahha ya.. it's a 1978 Garfield.
Joe stick it there when he was young.