Thursday, February 25, 2010

All I need is...

I finally got my long waited favourite burberry shoulder bag.
Thanks to Frances. She took all the effort to go all the way to the Burberry shop and get it for my coming birthday. Arigatou!!! Lurve it!

All I need now is 4 hot guys standing and posing beside me.
Looking hot! psssst.



ching∞ said...

Gosh. Can I be frances' friend? Hehehehehehehe

Franky said...

i got the wrong one for her ... poor jojo didn't know what to do luckily I had an exchange receipt :)

ching∞ said...

oooohhh! if cant exchange you can keep it for yourself! :p:p

jojo will salivate every time she sees you carry a burberry only :p:p

Jo Serwey said...

she got a bigger and better one ok je.. nonit mine!

ching∞ said...

wah you two crazy burberry fans! :p
should send your blog to Burberry man and see if can get FREE to review hahaha!