Saturday, January 2, 2010

Taiwan day 10

Today we went to Jiu Fen. Another madness place. A place with full of food. Due to public holiday n new year, there were plenty of tourist here, join the human traffic.

Look how I stand in the MRT. At the door for 40 minutes. Change to bus then we finally arrive in Jiu Fen. We actually went to a nice place next to it, forgot the name though, it's a famous place where a lot of Taiwan drama shoot there.

That place used to be conquered by the Japanese, Taiwanese as the labour to dig the gold mine.

A very nice place, cooling and fresh. Apparently this place is just next mountain from Dharma Drum mountain.

Look at the cloud. To go up to the shrine, we had to walk up the high n long stair way. it was freaking tired!! Never ever wanna go up there again.

We had Ginger soup Tao Fu fa. It's was yummy!

Oh n i finally tried the famous Ping Lang. Gave by the friendly taxi driver. He taught me how to eat. It's not as nice as I thought. When u eat it, it taste like the fruit, you had to spit out for the 1st bite, then u can chew as long as u want like chewing gum. Taste like eating grass. No I never ate grass before la, just example. :P
Then u will feel hot. Like u just drank alcohol n numb. But for me, I get headaches too. Not very good feeling.

Jiu Fen is crazily packed and I still can try a lot of different kind of food. I even tried the Chou tofu!!! (smelly tofu) it's very yummy!!! Smells like vomit but tasted good. Haha. Have to choose the famous one, or else it really taste like vomit :p

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jasonho said...

40 freaking minutes in that 'compromised' position!?!? jiu fen better be good.

Jo Serwey said...

40minutes is nothing.
goin back that time, it took us 1 hour to stand and wait for the bus. 1.30 hours to sit in the bus on the way back to taipei.
wah lau eh.. missed out the dinner at Kiki. shop open by lan sin mei, tao jing ying and shu qi!!!! stupid human traffic.
but i ate alot la