Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is the most spicy bowl of noodle in town now.

It's call chilli pan mee.

Put just 1 scoop, your tears, snort n sweat will sure flow out like waterfall.
Proven by Joe n my sis. I can't have it cuz I got diarrhea :(
I just look. Damn.

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Franky said...

please remember frances at home... bring back some ok!

dorothy said...

where la in town? I also wan lar.. :P hehe! I love Pan Mee too! woo-hoo!
Btw, hope you've recovered from your ordeal.. :) xoxo!

Jo Serwey said...

f: maybe we try to buy the chilli back hahhaha

ww: i heard KL got 1 damn good one, but this one we had is in damansara sunway. go try!!! just 1 spoon 1st ok. later u cry dun blame me.