Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simplitastic Cafe, Vic Park

Today is a sleepy head day for me. I don't know why. Holiday 5 weeks, come back got 2 days off, didn't do much house work, but i still feel tired! i think it's the stupid hot weather. =_="

Joe came to my work place and accompany me for lunch today. You must be thinking naawwwww so sweet~~ but actually the real reason is he got force to accompany me cuz I forgot to bring something to work. So I said to him, since u are coming here, y not we huv lunch together. It's soooooo rare that he willing to come to huv lunch with me cuz he is a lazy pig :P

Anyway, we went to Simplitastic Cafe which is near my work place. It's a small cafe, friendly service, and delicious food. They serve breakfast til 2pm, some homemade beef patti burgers, light meals, salad and lots more.

Today I had Tuna Steak with salad. (trying to be good, wonder how long will that last)
Tuna was medium rare, just nice and juicy. I love it.

Joe had the homemade beef patti burger and chips.
The chips was awesome. The burger was good too!

Guess what, this meal cost us nearly 100 ringgit! I can eat buffet in malaysia!!! For 2!!!
I tell you, after having 5 weeks holiday in asian countries, everything just seems soooo expensive here in Perth. Joe is converting every single thing that he spent on to ringgit! but when I asked him to live there, he said don't want cuz too hectic. I guess every country have their pros and cons! Can't compare nor complain :)


jasonho said...

how about healthy food for the next 5 years, i'll buy u a burberryyyyyyy socks?

deal? :)

Jo Serwey said...

5 years?? I think i buy that socks already!!! how about something more useful... like a car or house.. orrrr a 3 months worth of paid holiday trip! :P

talk bout holiday. after finish the house, pls come to perth! we goin to drink and eat! :P