Monday, January 11, 2010

I love food

Went whole day shopping today. Not for myself but for Joe. First time in my life I see him shop like never shop before (for clothes). He tries on shirts and pants for like a thousand times. For the first time, I'm the one who waited outside the changing room. Wow... Feel sooooo not right! Haha but I'm happy for him. Got so much stuff for himself.

Anyway, my blog today suppose to be about food. My brother told me about this food court in lot 10 shopping mall. This food court have all the best hawker food in Malaysia gathered in 1 place. Awesome right?

Joe had oyster omelette. It was yum!!!

I had lam mee. Gravy was really tasty but the noodle was overcooked. Dissapointed but I still finish everthing hehe

I saw a I love food bag n I bought it hehe. At first I wanted to buy I love food shirt. Too bad my tummy was too big to fit on that shirt. Bloody hell.

Go there and try if you have the chance! Plenty of different kind of food there! I wish I can order everything n try!! But cannot lar... Have to let my stomach digest.. Or else will end up like that day. I can confirm I ate too much til I threw up. Not food poisoning. Yes, I'm a pig.

This pic is unrelevant to this post. I'm just camwhoring while waiting for Joe while he is trying on clothes.


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CokOz said...

haha oh yeaaah but its hard to drink bak kuh teh and shop at the same time!

eh i just found out my bday was this week, I was sure it was the week after, so i didnt prepare anythin until this mornin

im gonna do a small thing at my house and play all the stupid video games in the arvo, and then head to hyatt buffet at 7, so you can join =).

first i thought about chez pierre, but i just dont wanna wait for the food lol!

although dont think lot of people gonna come to hyatt cause its bit pricey and student are poor, so probably gonna be a small team

Jo Serwey said...

AWW COCO! thanks for inviting! that's so sweet of you! when is your birthday though? how can you forget? ahhahaha.. how old are you gonna be?
Well, to be honest, I'm a bit shy to go though cuz I don't know any of your frens! :P but i know hyatt's buffet is gooooood... heheeh tempting.. :P