Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hong kong day 2

Woke up early morning today at 7.30am, get ready and went down stairs n some breakfast.

We had chi fan n soya milk.

Then I had 'put jai gou'!!! I've always wanted to try this cuz this always appear in hong long drama, so now I finally tried it!

After breakfast, we went to take bus to ferry terminal to go to Macau! Gamble time!

But of cuz that's not the highlight in Macau.. Food is! We had portugese food, beef brisket noodle,

Special kind of fish ball, ha ji noodle, fish skin(so crunchy!!) for lunch n tea time.

Then we went the most high class casino in macau. Joe won some money!! Hehe

After that we went to this restaurant to have shark fin soup! Macau is famous with shark fin n some local delicacy. I think we had most of the good ones.

Look at the piece of shark fin!! Freaking nice man the soup!

We basically walk the whole day n eat non stop. We got back to our 5 star hotel call Sofitel rest n shower. That's Alan n Cecile sitting there resting while watching LCD tv! The room is very comfortable. The hotel uses loccitane for toiletries too! Sooo high krasss!! Hehe

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ching∞ said...

darn! I LUUURRRVVEEEEE chi fan!! i want i want i want!! :'(

jasonho said...

shud have asked you to take more pics to steal the design for our home sweet home.