Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hong kong day 1

Im on the plane nothing to do. So decided to pre-blog. Is there such word? Haha.

Not very smooth while we check in. Nothing big happen, just everything seems slow although we checked in online.

We left lcct a lil late, bout 15mins. The seats are different from those that I've seated before. More comfortable. Why ah??

Joe n I were bored and hungry after 1 hour on the flight, so we requested our food to be serve earlier. We had nasi lemak. It's yum! Nicer than MAS airline ones.

I'm so awake, my brain is just thinking of 2 things. Burberry and camera. Which one shud I get? Cecile told me hk selling 'sui gei' (not fake but original still, dunno how to explain) for cameras. I thought of getting it. It's so cheap n it's tempting me.
I think I will rather give up Burberry n get the camera instead. But... Should I really get it? Can my shit turn into money so I don't have think to buy or not to buy problem since I shit so much??


Too bored in the plane, Joe n I started playing 'continue the drawing'

Our masterpiece.

Until the last game, I gave Joe the difficult one!
And he end up giving me this!

- 7.38pm

Arrive hong kong international


First thing we do in hong kong? EAT!

My fren Alan's father brought us to this local restaurant to have yummy food!

We had intestine lala pot, satay beef Kai lan, goose platter and fried oyster omelette. Soooo good.

We gotto experience the small low cost apartment. Alan's family extra house.

When I say small, it's literally small. When we walk pass people, we had to reverse n let them pass first.
It's really a good experience. Love it.

Tmr early morning going Macau.

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Franky said...

i want to go HK too!!!

ching∞ said...

me too me too!! basikit.. everything looks great! darn!!