Friday, January 29, 2010

Crocs tour around Asia

I've been touring around since end of Dec til late January.
Celebrated New Year in Taipei. We walk alot and took public transport alot.

Joe came to KL visit my family and my sis brought us to Melaka walk around and had the best cendol in the world.

Been to Macau. Thanks to Alan and Cecile for organizing such a nice trip for us.
They have got sore back because of bringing us around Hong Kong and Macau.
We did lots of walking.

Then Hong Kong, walk basically from 9am-12am.

(I'm pointing at the Mongkok train station sign.) Cameraman no good. :P

I'm very proud of myself. Walking so much but my back and leg didn't scream at me! Usually I will have back pain eventhough just by shopping for 1 hour.

What's my secret??

I am never a fan of Crocs. I used to think Crocs are ugly looking and silly. Thanks to my sister, she told me to get Crocs for our Taiwan trip. So I thought I'll give it a try. After trying a few pairs, I finally chose this pair call Malindi. The thickness of the base is just perfect. Soft and springy~ Very comfortable.

I have to say this is the best travelling shoes I ever had. Most comfortable, safe, waterproof, light weight, feminine looking and it's just awesome. I wore this everywhere I go. To shopping malls, high class pub, chasing bus, even went hiking wearing this!!!

I'm not advertising for Croc, just thought of sharing this to everyone (who will be travelling) rather than bringing a huge n heavy sports shoes right?

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