Saturday, January 30, 2010

Virgin shoes

First outing with my baby...

She seems happy with my feet :) oh so lovely~~

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Crocs tour around Asia

I've been touring around since end of Dec til late January.
Celebrated New Year in Taipei. We walk alot and took public transport alot.

Joe came to KL visit my family and my sis brought us to Melaka walk around and had the best cendol in the world.

Been to Macau. Thanks to Alan and Cecile for organizing such a nice trip for us.
They have got sore back because of bringing us around Hong Kong and Macau.
We did lots of walking.

Then Hong Kong, walk basically from 9am-12am.

(I'm pointing at the Mongkok train station sign.) Cameraman no good. :P

I'm very proud of myself. Walking so much but my back and leg didn't scream at me! Usually I will have back pain eventhough just by shopping for 1 hour.

What's my secret??

I am never a fan of Crocs. I used to think Crocs are ugly looking and silly. Thanks to my sister, she told me to get Crocs for our Taiwan trip. So I thought I'll give it a try. After trying a few pairs, I finally chose this pair call Malindi. The thickness of the base is just perfect. Soft and springy~ Very comfortable.

I have to say this is the best travelling shoes I ever had. Most comfortable, safe, waterproof, light weight, feminine looking and it's just awesome. I wore this everywhere I go. To shopping malls, high class pub, chasing bus, even went hiking wearing this!!!

I'm not advertising for Croc, just thought of sharing this to everyone (who will be travelling) rather than bringing a huge n heavy sports shoes right?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simplitastic Cafe, Vic Park

Today is a sleepy head day for me. I don't know why. Holiday 5 weeks, come back got 2 days off, didn't do much house work, but i still feel tired! i think it's the stupid hot weather. =_="

Joe came to my work place and accompany me for lunch today. You must be thinking naawwwww so sweet~~ but actually the real reason is he got force to accompany me cuz I forgot to bring something to work. So I said to him, since u are coming here, y not we huv lunch together. It's soooooo rare that he willing to come to huv lunch with me cuz he is a lazy pig :P

Anyway, we went to Simplitastic Cafe which is near my work place. It's a small cafe, friendly service, and delicious food. They serve breakfast til 2pm, some homemade beef patti burgers, light meals, salad and lots more.

Today I had Tuna Steak with salad. (trying to be good, wonder how long will that last)
Tuna was medium rare, just nice and juicy. I love it.

Joe had the homemade beef patti burger and chips.
The chips was awesome. The burger was good too!

Guess what, this meal cost us nearly 100 ringgit! I can eat buffet in malaysia!!! For 2!!!
I tell you, after having 5 weeks holiday in asian countries, everything just seems soooo expensive here in Perth. Joe is converting every single thing that he spent on to ringgit! but when I asked him to live there, he said don't want cuz too hectic. I guess every country have their pros and cons! Can't compare nor complain :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Wednesday breakfast

Chinese new year love letters n joes three layer coffee.
Where's my nasi lemak??

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Tuesday night dinner

Frances cook pasta for us

So nice~~ just eat nonit to cook hehehe... How long can this last..

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to my normal life

Just got home on Sunday n there's nothing much in the fridge to cook for dinner.

Lucky to have Joe at home to cook. He used what we have at home to cook an awesome dinner yesterday.

Home grown kailan stir fry with garlic n oyster sauce.

My favourite Marinated chicken wing. Was in freezer probably a month ago haha.

Fried fish with tomyam sauce.
Fish caught by frances. Spring onion n chilli from the garden.

Oh I miss my 5 weeks holiday without worrying about food for myself. I'm not used to it!!! Helppppp meeeeee!!!!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Longest word

I just found out from Joe that the name for the fear of long words is very damn long.

the fear of long words
How are those people who have this problem gonna tell other people their problem if they fear of long words?

I love this word! It sounds like hippopotamus!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

FML ring

Saw this from a hong kong magazine while I'm there.

FML engraved onto the ring.
Probably its true to some people. Haha
F@#* my life.

(it's actually call Fook Moon Lam jewellery) dun sue me.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hong kong last day

Bo lo bao (pineapple bun) very yummy!!!

Yu Dan n Sui GAO
(fish ball n dumplings)

See u soon Malaysia n miss you hong kong!!!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hong kong day 6

Finally found my love after hunting it for 5 weeks.

Tomorrow is my last day in hong kong...

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hong kong day 5

Today went to a few places. To branded clothing outlet bought some clothing, it took us bout 3 hours to shop there.

Then we had some lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant.

Then the highlight of today, hong kong Disneyland! Got there at around 2.30pm n finish bout 8pm.

It was fun n not enough time to play everything!!! I have never been to Disneyland before, so today I was sooooo excited n hyper! I said wow in everything.
Shows, games and so many things!! I wanna go back there!
But I will go to the one in japan next time. Hehe

After that we went to Mong Kok to have Japanese food for dinner. It's call itamae sushi.

This Japanese sushi was fresh n yummy. Not very expensive too. They even do delivery!

After dinner, went to Fa Kei dessert place to have the famous durian dessert.

I had the glutinous durian dessert n it was good! Thick piece of durian flesh. Mmmmm...

Whole day out, now feeling soooooo tired. I better go shower now n get a good sleep!

Tmr will be free n easy day for us.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hong kong day 4

Today is shopping n food day. Sort of like a slow down day for me.

In the morning, Joe n I went down stairs of the apartment look for breakfast. We saw roast meat shop, so Joe had cha siu (roast pork)rice n I had siu ngor bei n siu yok(goose thigh n roast pork belly) rice. So damn full.

Then went to had another breakfast with Cecile, her dad n Alan. Yeap, Joe n I had 2 breakfast. Alan didn't know we had our breakfast, so they invited us. We don't mind having another meal haha cuz we like to try as much food as we can!
We were so full after that.

After that Alan Cecile Joe n I went shopping. They were very nice, bring us around n took care of us. Everything in hong kong is quite cheap! Joe had a huge shopping spree again! I only bought 2 pairs of flats n a top for 300hk dollar.

For dinner, alan's family treat us shanghainese food. interesting for me. As in flavour n way of cooking. First time in my life had raw crab.

After dinner, we went to alan's parents house to visit. His parent even gave us ang pao! So nice of them!! They were really nice people. After that went to alan's sis house to chill out. Had wine n some high class cakes! Cakes were from hyatt hotel. No doubt the cakes were awesome.

Nice n relaxing day. Had a very good experience in hong kong.

Tomorrow will b going to Disney land!!!! Yay!!!

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Hong kong day 3

Left Macau already~
didn't do much today apart from having the best meal in my life!

Had free breakfast and lunch in the hotel. Very good food. Free food taste better than paid food!

Left macau around 3 something. Slept all the way from taking ferry n taxi.

Anyway, I had the famous macau's famous pork chop bun and lil piggy bun.

It's really delicious.

For dinner, we had the famous Akita robatayaki n teppanyaki.

It's 700HK per person for food.

See what is this? Its A5 Kobe beef! Look at the marbling throughout the meat! Medium rare and it melts in your mouth!!
First time in my life have such high quality meat. Mouth blasting!

The chef there not only can cook! They can create food art and show us lots of magic too!!
We had a lot of fun eating and the entertainment. Thanks to Alan putting much effort on planning all these.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy birthday to my brother

Happy birthday to you ko!! Don't worry, I will gamble in Macau for you!! Hehe
Have a good one!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hong kong day 2

Woke up early morning today at 7.30am, get ready and went down stairs n some breakfast.

We had chi fan n soya milk.

Then I had 'put jai gou'!!! I've always wanted to try this cuz this always appear in hong long drama, so now I finally tried it!

After breakfast, we went to take bus to ferry terminal to go to Macau! Gamble time!

But of cuz that's not the highlight in Macau.. Food is! We had portugese food, beef brisket noodle,

Special kind of fish ball, ha ji noodle, fish skin(so crunchy!!) for lunch n tea time.

Then we went the most high class casino in macau. Joe won some money!! Hehe

After that we went to this restaurant to have shark fin soup! Macau is famous with shark fin n some local delicacy. I think we had most of the good ones.

Look at the piece of shark fin!! Freaking nice man the soup!

We basically walk the whole day n eat non stop. We got back to our 5 star hotel call Sofitel rest n shower. That's Alan n Cecile sitting there resting while watching LCD tv! The room is very comfortable. The hotel uses loccitane for toiletries too! Sooo high krasss!! Hehe

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hong kong day 1

Im on the plane nothing to do. So decided to pre-blog. Is there such word? Haha.

Not very smooth while we check in. Nothing big happen, just everything seems slow although we checked in online.

We left lcct a lil late, bout 15mins. The seats are different from those that I've seated before. More comfortable. Why ah??

Joe n I were bored and hungry after 1 hour on the flight, so we requested our food to be serve earlier. We had nasi lemak. It's yum! Nicer than MAS airline ones.

I'm so awake, my brain is just thinking of 2 things. Burberry and camera. Which one shud I get? Cecile told me hk selling 'sui gei' (not fake but original still, dunno how to explain) for cameras. I thought of getting it. It's so cheap n it's tempting me.
I think I will rather give up Burberry n get the camera instead. But... Should I really get it? Can my shit turn into money so I don't have think to buy or not to buy problem since I shit so much??


Too bored in the plane, Joe n I started playing 'continue the drawing'

Our masterpiece.

Until the last game, I gave Joe the difficult one!
And he end up giving me this!

- 7.38pm

Arrive hong kong international


First thing we do in hong kong? EAT!

My fren Alan's father brought us to this local restaurant to have yummy food!

We had intestine lala pot, satay beef Kai lan, goose platter and fried oyster omelette. Soooo good.

We gotto experience the small low cost apartment. Alan's family extra house.

When I say small, it's literally small. When we walk pass people, we had to reverse n let them pass first.
It's really a good experience. Love it.

Tmr early morning going Macau.

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