Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taiwan day 6

Left Dharma drum mountain temple yesterday and we miss it there. Very comfortable, peaceful, beautiful and the people there were so nice.

We we when to visit a famous museum. A lot of people there which makes me a bit frustrated n I can't see anything properly.

But I took some nice photos of everyone there with the building, cuz it looks very traditional n pretty.

After 1 hour of journey, we finally reach our new place to sleep.

This is the inside the building. Weird rite? It's not a hotel, not a temple. It's like in a very cheapo shopping mall. That place is sooooo dodgy!!

Look at our room! 8 people squeezing in this small room. Dirty n small. Not very happy with the place AT ALL!

What to do... Better than sleeping at the road side right.

We didn't sleep very well by the way.

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jasonho said...

dirty is utterly unacceptable. remember to feedback to the organiser.