Monday, December 28, 2009

Taiwan day 5

It's another tiring day but very fulfilling.

This is the girl's dorm. Sleep on the wooden bed with a thin layer of cotton bed n warm comforter.
Girl's dorm is on the west wing, Guy's dorm is on the east. Have to say, this Is more comfortable than the previous place :p

We did cleaning today. Although you may find it weird, but cleaning (sweeping) is a way for you to realise on what u want in your life. The lady actually demonstrate to us on how to sweep or mop the floor. Sweep slowly n carefully. Not like how we use to sweep, fast and rough. I got the sweeping the staircase job. I got 5 flights of staircase to sweep. Alone. Kind of scary cuz nobody was there, but I use their method n find it relaxing n not tired at all n feeling very fulfilling n not feeling WTF-y-we-cleaning. I find it peaceful in mind. Although I have meditate for 2 days but I was still talking. So for that 1 hour, without anybody with me, I felt something different.

This is our dining area. We have to queue up to get our food. Vegetarian here is very different from the one we had in San yi.iT's not as nice as The place that I had my meditation. I can feel the chef put lots of effort on cooking the food. I felt really lucky to be able to try his cooking. The best vegetarian in my life. Thank you Lai sifu for cooking such nice meals.

A bird died today while we were listening to 1 Fa Shi (monk) talking to us. The bird flew straight to the window door n bang. The glass was so clean, they had to put a sign for birds to let them know it's a glass door. Fa Shi did prayer for the bird n buried it.

The view from the temple. The whole place is very peaceful n quiet. Too bad we don't have much time to walk around ourself.

We visited monks classrooms. Look at how many computers they have! Amazing! I always thought they just need books n pen!

I learn a lot today really. I start to feel buddism is a very good religion. My family is buddist but I never pray or anything. This trip makes me see buddism differently. I think I like it. Especially this dharma drum mountain. Will blog about the man who started this. He is amazing.

This is a card that the fa Shi gave me while we all had a nice talk together. Coincidently, this is what I was thinking the whole time. Guess I should do it now.
(translation: dont just say thank you in your mind or telling others that unrelevent, show your gratitude with action) I think I translate horribly but should be correct meaning.

Anyway, we did a lot today but I can't blog about much cuz I'm using iPhone to type. Finger numb d.

Hope everybody can relax your mind and soul. Search what you want in your life and be happy.

Pardon for those crappy photos. 1st- no photo taking in the temple but I took it secretly.
2nd- it's iPhone quality. Kenot blame.

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