Saturday, December 26, 2009

Taiwan day 3

Today is meditation day. A long one. It's so long I had nearly 20 or more dreams while meditating =_=

Meditation is quite hard to follow. To keep your mind clear is the hardest. I always fall asleep whenever my brain is clear.

While meditating, had to sit straight on the 1/3 of round cushion, cross legs correctly so you don't get your legs numb. Relax shoulder n mind.

After 10 minutes of sitting there, I look like this!

Asleep. Dreaming every 1 nod I made. Amazing. I never had so many dreams in 1 day before.

But after 1 day of meditation, I finally know n can do it. At least I didn't fall asleep for 15 min. Purely concentrating.

Tiring day.

( the photo is just a joke, I didn't meditate til like that. I just nod, the whole time :p )

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