Friday, December 25, 2009

Taiwan day 2

This is our floor bed. The place is call Dharma Drum Mountain. They don't like using artificial stuff or chemical. So, we wash our plates using soda powder.

We woke up at 6am today, prepare ourselves then went straight to morning praying class for 30 minutes then have vegetarian food for breakfast. I love their vegetarian food, as u know I'm a meat person, but i think I love vegetarian food now! It's so nice! I wish I can have vegetarian food everyday!

Then we took a walk to nearby wood carving museum. It was amazing to see how people can carve something out from the tree trunk. Very interesting. Too bad photo taking is prohibited, or else I would have taken some photos to show u :)

Then after lunch, we went for a long mountain walk. Very very nice place to go to. We had a lil lesson there too. It's a heart n thought kind of lesson.

This is at the top of the mountain, tea farm.

This is what we did for today n later after dinner, we will have our 1st meditation class.

I learn something everyday here, it's not really about praying or buddhism, it's all about learning n finding yourself.

This is all about it for today. I think the sifu will keep our phones later, so I won't get to blog for few days! I don't know how am I gonna survive without my phone... Wish me luck! Hope she won't take my phone away!!! >_< - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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jasonho said...

keep the updates coming. happy to know u're enjoying urself there. :)