Saturday, December 12, 2009

My first creation!!! BA HU LO TI!

I 'm so proud of myself today because I created my own recipe! hahaha
It might not be original but I'm confirmed that I definitely think this shit out this morning!
Nothing fantastic. Just being creative putting all the going to expired food together and make into 1 new thing. Don't waste food mar~ :P

So, what shit did I do ey?
I did the famous Ba Hu Lo Ti (Pork floss bread) buttttt!!! with the western style French toast :P In short is Fak Lan Su Ba Hu Lo Ti .

What you need:
Going to expire Leftover Bread
Some Pork Floss
and some Mayo (or any sauce you like to go with pork floss)

First, I put the floss on the bread. Right in the middle, then put some mayo on top. Not too much cuz you need to fold it up.

Use your finger power press the edge of the bread til the sides are flat and stick together.

Cut off the crust, and press the sides again to make them secure.

Then dip in the beaten egg + abit sugar

Then Pan Fry~~~

There you go! the French Toast Pork Floss Bread!

Joe's Qoute: This proves that The lack of ingredients promotes creativity.
Meaning behind? Saying I'm creating Fan Ban Ba Hu Lo To (Pirated Pork Floss Bread)

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ching∞ said...

you have so many "shit" while constructing your sentences I'm getting turned-off despite how delicious the thing you made :p