Saturday, December 12, 2009

Luck is coming my way

My workplace had the Christmas Party at the Oxford Hotel today on the hot sunny afternoon.
Everybody is non stop drinking the icy COLD beer to cool themselves down.

So is Joe. He drank like 5-6 pines of beer.
In between the beer, can see he was getting better and better in talking to strangers!
It's my workmates, but he talk more than I do! Really salute to him, how can he talk to anyone so naturally. I will give away all my Burberry items if I can be like him one day! >_<"

This is me trying to look like I DRINK! with the two pretty ladies.

Anyway, I managed to take a shot of everybody's back cuz I will look weird if I stand right in front of them taking photos of them plus they don't know that I'm a photo taking freak.

Oh! Joe and I had won the Door Prizes too! It's unexpected!! We got the last two prizes! Although it's small prize but I believe when good things happen to you, you will have good year ahead!!! finger crossed. :)

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