Saturday, December 19, 2009

KL 09 - Part 1

Hello everyone, I'm here in KL finally.
It was hot and sticky! Can't believe I started my first day with FOOD!
3am- I had Curry Rice in the flight
8am- I had some Japanese snacks
9am- Economy Rice

Then at around 12pm, I met up with my best friends and went to Chili's in Bangsar shopping mall. See how much food we had!

Lamb, platters, Fajitas, Salad and 1 huge yummilicious Choc dessert.
The portion is so huge as well and bottomless top up! gosh. It's insane.

After the lovely lunch with my friends, we went for a walk in the mall.
It was beautifully decorated.

Look at those deco! Soooo cute!!! Look how big it is compare to the humans!
We are like Alice in the wonderland~

Really in love with the deco, I was taking photos non stop. My friend actually said I look like a tourist and I'm Malaysian! Oh well, don't care. keep snappin.

Went home with a full stomach. really happy. before my stomach huv the chance to digest everything, guess what? it's time for dinner again.
The dinner is absolutely not a normal chinese dinner. Something special and probably expensive too.

Wondering whats that thing on the right? It's goose's feet! XD

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