Sunday, December 20, 2009


My mom went for a cataract eye surgery yesterday at the Centre For Sight at Taman Megah.
Mom was nervous and scared at the same time and so were all of us in the family.
We all know it's only a 15 minutes job but whenever the word "surgery" came out, that word makes us worry.

Mom told me the surgery is quite scary because she was aware of what the surgeon is doing to her eye. She can see something sharp going through her eye, lots and lots of water put in her eye, and vacuuming out the top layer of cataract. It's not painful, but she can feel some pressure to her eye.

After 2 hours when we got home, mom's head getting painful, she said it feels like the head is going to explode. She was feeling uncomfortable the whole night. It was painful to see her like that because we can't do anything but just to calm her down by telling her some jokes or comfort her.

Luckily she felt a lot better today when she woke up. She look normal again. But her pain is not over yet, because she still have one more eye to go. Hopefully the next one won't be as pain as this one.

I guess after 30-40 years later, it will be my turn to experience the pain.
Can I either be young forever or be dead before all these crapz come into my life?


Bandit said...


I was recomended the same place for my dad to do his cataract.

Would you mind sharing with me:

1) how long did it take for your mom to recover?

2) follow up treatments? for frequent?

3) the cost of the treatment.

thank you

Bandit said...

Thank you for your reply..

appreciate the feedback.. at the end of the day, my dad will be doing his operation at Tun Hussien Eye Hospital..

Thank you again. God Bless