Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dinner @ Windsor, South Perth

I went to Windsor 2 days ago for dinner to sort of celebrate the early christmas with Frances, Joe and Bo Young. I quite like Windsor, for the atmosphere, location and interior.

It was quite busy that night for the waiter and waitresses. So we waited for quite a while for them to come and order our food. They change their menu monthly and serve pub food.

Joe had the Johnny Cash woodfire Pizza
It was quite nice. I only have a bit though, cuz Joe DOESN'T share food!

Bo Young had the Veal and Chips.
Im not really fond of this dish, as the gravy is not quite enough and the flour is not sticking on the meat, it keeps falling off.

Frances' King George Fish and chips.
Really fresh and tasty i would say.

I had the Pork Ribs with hand cut chips
Love the pork ribs, juicy and tender, the chips taste was a bit weird. It tasted like mash green beans. I don't know why.

Dessert. yum.

Joe had the Cheesecake alllll by himself.

and Frances and I shared the Sticky date pudding.
Christine had always been tell me that she loves the sticky date pudding there, it's her favourite!
of course without a doubt I ordered it and took a bite. It's heavenly good!!! Love it!!!
Luckily we shared this, because is was quite filling.

We enjoyed our night by stuffing food into our mouth. Very happy. haha.
I took a picture of the Perth city foreshore with the full moon. How nice. I love South Perth.
If I'm rich, I will buy a house there. *dreaming*

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