Monday, December 7, 2009

Dinner @ Sen Restaurant, Perth

Sen is a modern vietnamese restaurant that situated right in front of the river in Perth city.
At night, that place is quiet, breezy and relax.

Not many people know about this place because it is not quite visible. I think it's only the residence that live nearby will go there to have dinner.

Interior looks clean and simple. Waitresses were very friendly too.
The reason why I know about that place, is because my old chef that I used to work with is working in Sen now. So, thats why go there and support him a bit :P

I had the coconut drink. It's quite nice! I know it won't be fresh but this one taste quite good. As I tried some really lousy ones before.

Had the Vietnamese spring roll and stuffed chicken wing for entree.

No complain at all. I love it.

Sang choy bao tasted very nice too!

We ask our favourite chef to recommend some nice dish for us. You know, just in case we order something really shit.

We had the Lemongrass prawns. This one is yummy. I quite like the soft hint of the lemongrass taste on the prawns.

We had some fried rice to share too.
Interesting enough, they got lap cheong in the fried rice! Well, it's very normal in the asian food to have lap cheong, but in Australia, not many restaurant will put that because it is quite expensive.

Then we had the Chilli lamb.
I love this one. VERY SPICY and appetizing!

Then we had the Crispy half chicken and below is the Butter Garlic Scallops.
To be honest, I'm not a fan of this 2 dishes. Somehow I don't really like the crumbs on the chicken. But I like the sauce though. very yummy. Probably I'm in the diet mood, don't feel like eating anything fried. As for the Scallops, it was fresh, but the batter somehow is a bit sticky after you chew it in your mouth.

Overall, it's quite a nice restaurant. Heard from the chef that they are going to change the menu to have better and yummier food soon. I might go back again after my long holiday.

After dinner, we all stood up and heading to the counter. I was standing behind Stephen and realised how short I was when I'm standing next to him!
Look! My head is cant even reach his armpit unless I tip toed!

Hope eating more food can make me grow taller and not wider.

Sen Restaurant Modern Vietnamese Cuisine
Lunch - Mon to Fri 11-2pm
Dinner - Mon to Sun 5-10pm
1/132 Terrace Road, Perth
Ph: 9325 1868


jasonho said...

yummiest. :)

Jo Serwey said...

haha when are u goin to bring me to yum yummy yummiest restaurant in KL??? I wanna EAT nice food everyday ok!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Jo Jo!!

How have you been?

I am thinking of this restaurant for tomorrow lunch with Rachale.

She want to have lunch tomorrow.

After i check your blogg, I will sugest Sen to her for lunch..

I love your Blogg. It's like my secret Menu. haha..

Thanks a lot!!

Claire Jeong ^--^

Jo Serwey said...

hey Claire!
Im good!! I'm so glad to hear from you! hehehe.. what u said just made my day~~~ happy to hear that!
Maybe u shud share some dining experience with me too!
hope to see u soon ok!!!