Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dessert @ San Churro, Fremantle

My 2nd aunt and cousin is here for a short holiday in Perth. Although they know how to go to shopping malls but I still feel I should bring them somewhere that they never been. Seriously, Perth shopping malls are mostly the same and they have been to most of them, so there is no where to bring them to look see. Where and what else can I bring them to?

Somewhere for dessert, in Fremantle.
It was a windy night near the river although it should be summer by now.

I bring her walk around Fremantle and she loves that place. Probably because there were some christmas lights around. She is into photography as well apparently, so I lend her my camera for her to play.

This is one of her masterpiece. haha
With a lil bit of touch up, I think this photo look quite artistic! :P

Anyway, we went to this place call San Churro. A place that sell Chocolate. Fondue. Choc Milk. Truffles. YUM.

Fondue for two.
I quite like this place, maybe because there were not many dessert shop around in Perth. If you are craving for something sweet, there's always San Churro! They will open 2 new shops in Leerderville and Subiaco really soon!

The Truffles for my cousin.
Interior was good too. Cozy and comfortable.

I sort of ask her to pose abit for the photo. hehe. look nice ain't it?

Oh, my aunt cooked up a big feast for my dinner that night before we went to San Churro!
Curry chicken, tofu, prawns, veges and soup! ahhh.. so long never drink soup~~~ feel sooo nice! The food was yum and I was sooo full after that.

I wanna go back home now!
or.. maybe I should just ask my mom to come here? better ey? ^-^


ching∞ said...

import me and mommy there! oh and papa too :p

koko prolly wanna stay home accompany his pou pui whisky ho :p:p

Jo Serwey said...

haha i always wanted u all to come! but u guys never gib me face!