Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chrissie Pressie~

I know it's a lil bit too early for christmas presents but you know opening presents must have that "mood" and that "time" and that "feeling".
I got all that yesterday night at 11pm. haha

I manage to persuede all of them in the house to open 1 present!
Of course Frances didn't like the idea of opening the present so early. Hey guys, don't scold me 1st! I know it's too early, but you see, from this week until January, 4 of us will b flying in and out of the country in different time and different places. So we might not have the chance to open the presents TOGETHER!

I know it will only be me that won't be here on the christmas eve, but I wanna open presents together mar~~~ ^-^

Anyway, at 12am in the midnight, get around the christmas tree, looking for the 1 present to open. ( That didn't happen to me )

Anyway, I chose my pressie 1st.
I picked the one that Joe bought for me. It was there since last week, so I couldn't wait to open and see whats in it!

It's the Diana F+ Instant Back that I wanted long time ago but can't afford to get it myself!
Lomo + Instant = awesome

It's not easy to get the photos correct in film, so don't talk about instant! Look at how many BLACK photos that I've got! But it's really good to experiment the lomo camera instantly!

Then it was Joe's turn. I kinda "threaten" him abit. A bit like forcing him to pick my present haha So this is what I got for him. A Wine Fridge.

He always wanted this but just thought it's quite expensive. The days are getting hotter and hotter everyday, so I guess it's a good idea to keep his wine in the wine fridge. Look at how full is that fridge! nearly 40 bottles in there and he asked me why didn't I get the 172 bottle fridge one! -_-"

I got Frances a book.

Frances is a booklover so I thought it will be good that buy her a good book recommended by my workmates. Hope she likes it! This is just a lil gift that I got for her, her main gift is not there at home yet :P

Joe and I got Bo young the Vidal Sasoon Hair Dryer & Hair straightener Pack and Frances got her the Bumble & Bumble Hair care products.

This is one expensive hair product! The product design doesn't scream I'M EXPENSIVE but when I so happen that came across online today, I was quite shock how shampoo can be! Maybe I'm just suaku, never buy expensive shampoo before. haha.

Then I got all excited, begged them letting me to open last one under the tree!
After pretending like this for 5 minutes

They let me open my another Pressie!!
The Wii DDR!!!!

Open straight away, plug in and play!
I used to have one on my old PS1 last time and I play nearly everyday last time.
I must say this DDR is abit harder than what I got last time.

After opening the presents, we all sat down in the living room, watch Peter Russell Stand up comedy. Had a good laugh and went to bed at around 3am.

Although it's not christmas yet, but I enjoyed the chilly night, sitting around the Christmas tree, share jokes and see the smiling faces. It just make you feel loved and warm.
That's the Christmas spirit.

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MY GOD.. i always LOVE that cat from Shrek! damn i hate my small eyes!! :p