Thursday, December 10, 2009

Subiaco Christmas Festival & Upmarket

I went to Subiaco Christmas Festival with Joe just now and it was the best festival!
Better than Claremont's and maybe better than Vic Park's one.
Lots of people there as you can see the pic below.

It was separated into 2 parts. 1st half is for the Subi Upmarket, and the 2nd half is where the food, games, shows, and some other stuff. Just in case you don't know what is the Upmarket, refer here.

I know you will think to yourself wtf is this lizard hanging thingy. Honestly, I saw them people dragging it on the floor everywhere!!! it's like a "foam" pet! when u hold the string and drag that lizard thingy on the ground, it jumps lightly! Looks exactly like real pets! Interesting to see how people enjoy carrying this around. It's a really creative idea anyway.

The festival was so huge, I felt like I have to rush to see everything before the sun sets!
There are people singing, people performing and SATAY~
Look at the long queue~it's incredible. Can't believe satay is so popular here in Perth.
So, Joe and I queued up too hehe. Can't miss out right?

Manage to take a photo of me and the NOVA babe.

Satay was not cheap. 5 sticks for $6 and the Satay Roll is $7.

The Satay Sticks

Satay Roll. Oh well, can't complain much anyway, this is not KL, where i can get like 60 or 80 cents per stick.

Puppies~~~~ so many of them!!! I love puppies~Look at them! soooo cute!!!

Then we saw lion dance too! Weird huh? Christmas Festival with Lion Dance.
Well, it was actually perform by a Kung Fu school nearby. They were promoting the Kung Fu school to the young kids and maybe men. not too sure.

I know I saw a lot of kids performing kung fu with wooden sticks, some tricks on protecting yourself and some styles. It was fun to watch the Australian kids doing Kung fu. it makes me feel like learning too. haha!

I wanna learn this.

Awesome right?? He is just 14 years old! Sure got lotsa chicks going after him haha
Seriously, he got like 1 whole row of lil girls shouting his name! awesome la buddy..

I really enjoyed my night with entertainments, food, arts and crafts and puppies~

Anyway, here's a lil video from Subi Festival.

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