Saturday, November 14, 2009

William & Jersie's House Warming Party

Joe and I went to William & Jersie's house for their house warming party.
I know William through Joe as they were high school mates last time.

I was walking around in the city and look for something different as a gift for them today and it was really difficult to find one! I was in Myers walking round and round, looking at the plates, pots, pans, bedsheets, decorations and chocs. They were so many things but I just couldn't find something that is relatively affordable and something that they don't have in the house.
Then I came across this electric can opener. I thought this is useful and they won't buy one for themselves! Joe got one at home and it was very very convenient. Put the can there and within 4 seconds the can is opened. Not like those manual can opener, takes about 10 sec to look for it, 2 sec to punch the thing in, and another 6 - 10 sec to open it. I know it sounds like I'm a lazy fart, but I'm just trying to convince you that what I got is useful! ahhaha
oh! and I got them a nice photo frame. It was so nice I nearly wanna get one for myself.

Anyway, this is their house in the evening. It was abit too dark but anyway, it's a nice house.. inside :P They havent done anything outside yet.
We had some barbequed meat, tuna mash potato salad, homemade quiche and some other food.

Top row was Daniel, William, Mark and Franz. They were friends since high school.
Bottom row was Alexia - Daniel's wife, Jersie - William's gf and myself.

It was a pleasant night sitting at the backyard chilling out with some beer and laughter.

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