Friday, November 27, 2009

Lunch @ Shanghai Tea Garden, Northbridge

It was my off day on Wednesday last day, so is my christmas presents shopping day.
Firstly, Frances, Bo young, Joe and I went to this new place for lunch in Northbridge before we start our power christmas shopping.

This is the new restaurant that open about 5 months ago. I always pass by this place and really curious what they serve, but just never had the chance to go in and try. I like the deco and interior. As you know, Perth restaurants never really have much decoration in it, not like those busy city, most of the restaurants will have a theme when it comes to deco.

This restaurant serves Shanghainese food. Not really a lot of choices but I don't really care because the deco really making me excited!

There's this Gramophone, a lack bird cage..

Lot's of historical photos up on the wall..

Freaking HIGH chair and some other stuff.
AAAAaaaannndd it's food time.

Mustard vege with fish. (I like this the most-very clear, love the mustard vege, most importantly NOT OILY haha)

The plum-sweet & sour kind of pork ribs.

Prawn tofu. ( somehow the prawn taste off)

and everyone's favourite. The Sichuan Chilli Chicken.

Overall, I quite like this place, maybe because of the environment. But occasionally, if you are unfortunate, you will hear some China dude sitting at the corner having his tea, screaming on the phone and look really pissed off. But that's probably only for that 3 minutes. I think I can take that nonsence haha!

oh! they sell cakes too! A place good for lunch, tea time and dinner.

Shanghai Tea Garden
1/399 William St, Northbridge

9227 7066

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