Friday, November 6, 2009

Hong Kong Movie

Recently Hoyts in Carousel has been screening quite a few Hong Kong Movies.
I was of course feeling happy about it! Feels like back home for a bit. :)
About few months ago, I watched the Kung Fu Chef.

and it was a total disappointment. Storyline was bad, acting was bad, directing also quite bad.
Overall, it's bad.

Second one that I've watched is the Founding of the Republic.
I am never a fan of historical or war kind of movie. But this one interest me. Probably because I got a free ticket to watch the movie :P

I have learned quite a bit of China history here and there by watching this movie. It was great, but it will be better if the story of the movie is not one sided, if you know what I mean. :P
I was impressed that there were so many famous actor and actresses were in there though. All acted only 2-3 minutes.

Third one, the Poker King. I watch it just now and it's the best one for me so far.
Funny and the movie just makes me wanna go Burswood to gamble again! >_<

It was not a very huge production like the Founding of the Republic, it's just simple and funny movie that I watched in quite a while.

I love watching comedies. It makes me forget about problems and I can have a good night sleep with a smile on my face :)

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