Monday, November 23, 2009

Dinner @ Rasa Nyonya Penang, Vic park

I went for a short photography course with Frances just now at the Cameraclub in Canning Vale.
I know, that place is a bit far, but the shop was quite huge. It's a 3 days course on how to use your camera, understanding it, lighting, and how you store your images.
I feel that is quite a good short class as photography doesn't really need a whole full time course, just to take good photos. As long as you have interest in it and practice it, you will still excel.
Anyway, today is the first class, teaching all the technical stuff. I don't have a DSLR (and the photographer forgot to lend me his camera) so basically I was just playing around Frances camera. Fortunately, I know most of the technical things already.
I'm looking forward for the 2nd class. Practicing on taking photos on different kind of lighting! Can't wait!

After the 2 hour class, Frances was feeling really hungry and she just wanna eat something anywhere that is will open at 9pm! (Usually the shops close quite early on Monday nights) and we found this place in Vic Park call Rasa Nyonya Penang.

It was spacious, clean, friendly and HALAL.
It's our first time there, so we were a bit excited to try out the Asian food they are serving.

This is the menu.
It's not much isn't it?

I had Teh tarik. It's quite nice i think. I'm not pro at tasting teh tarik, but this was not too sweet. so I guess it's good?

Frances had the Sambal belacan Fried rice.
It tasted quite good actually. Not oily at all! Usually in other restaurant, they will cook with lots of oil until shiny and of course taste better. But I rather have it less oil and still taste good.

I took a lil risk. I had the Hokkien Char.
I'm a Hokkien Mee fan. In Malaysia of course. I like my hokkien mee BLACK and with LOTSA GRAVY. So, whenever I go to any asian restaurant that have Hokkien mee, I will definitely try it and always give me dissapointing taste. Not authentic.

Same for this one. But if you don't compare it, the hokkien char here tasted quite nice. Just missing something... the Fried Pork Fat taste! If they cook it with pork fat.. mmm... i think this one will be good. Too bad! It's HALAL! Can't complain!

This place is a good find. Cheap price and good food.
I went home with a very full stomach. :) Have to work out tomorrow! >_<

Rasa Nyonya Penang

Ph: 9470 3847
Shop 6 & 7, 1019, Albany Hwy, East Vic Park. Perth.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,

Good to know where to get penang food here in Perth. I think the hokkien char that you ordered is the penang style hokkien char, it's kinda different with KL style hokkien mee though!

keep eating and scouting good food in perth eh!

Jo Serwey said...

Hey Anonymous!
Great to know thats actually Penang's Hokkien Char.. didn't know it was actually different hehehe
Your comments is making me wanna try more and more restaurants!!!
Thanks! u will see a big fat Jo soon haha

stef said...

we went there recently n the food was bad and the portion was quite small for the price. none of my friends would go there anymore now, so i guess it says how bad it is now.

Jo Serwey said...

OH NO Stef!! they must have changed! I havent been back though.. just because the menu is a bit too small.. oh well.. never try never know! :P