Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dinner @ Mak Kei Restaurant, Northbridge

It was Northbridge Festival yesterday so I asked along my friends to go there to have a look.
It was disapointing for us because there's nothing much to see except for some mini concerts that set up near Piazza Northbridge.

Since there were nothing much to see, we head straight off to have dinner. We went to this place call Mak Kei Restaurant. Mak Kei just open probably for just a few months ago near Uncle billys and Hawker Cuisine, so we thought we should give it a go.

Friendly and attentive staff, 2 LCD TV showing the old Hong Kong Comedy movies. It made me feel like I'm in Malaysia during Chinese New Year time.
There are having the $10 meals now until end of November which is pretty good deal because they serve quite good tasting food!
See how much we ordered!

I really enjoyed the food there. There were no nice decorations or anything on the food but the taste.. The food really give me the feeling of homecook food. It was delicious and I feel so warm after eating there. There are a few dishes like stir fry shredded potato, the chilli stir fry beans and the chicken makes me miss my mom's cooking, because these were they ones that my mom cooked at home. For only $15 each, it is really cheap.

I wish to eat it again.. don't mind ordering the same thing. So that I can get some home-y feelings back. :)

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