Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dinner @ Jun, Perth City

It's time for food again.
Well, I have been to Jun Japanese restaurant before about more than a year ago, which I haven't even started my blog. So I will blog about it now as I went yesterday for dinner with Alan and Frances. Alan particularly love to have the skewers in Jun.

Jun entrance is not really noticeable as you can see the picture above. Jun restaurant is actually underground and located near Seizan Japanese restaurant. I love how it is so secluded, everytime you go there, you will feel like you found somewhere really good and you don't want to tell people about it. Somewhere secret.

Interior is pretty Japanesey and pretty small to me too.
If you are going there, please be prepare to wait for you food for a LONG time because if you order skewers, they will take a LONG time to grill them. Only 1 guy doing the grilling.
But it's worth the wait anyway.

As you can see we had quite a lot of different kind of dishes to try. For really big eaters, please have bento set first then have some skewers, or else you will need to order A LOT to satisfy your hunger, then when the bill come, you will have the shock of your life. But those pics on top is just nice for 4 of us and of course the Onigiri (Rice balls) fills us up quite a bit too.

Anyway, it's a nice place to go to to have nice Japanese skewers. We enjoyed it.
I shall try their lunch menu next time I go there. Maybe I will find something interesting.

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MY GOD.. that's A LOT OF FOOD for 4 person!!! =_=

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nah.. still can eat sommore.