Monday, November 16, 2009

Dinner @ Duende, Leederville

Frances invited Joe, Bo Young and I to have dinner at Duende. A spanish restaurant that serves very nice yummy tapas.

I heard it's really crowded during the weekends but today it was alright, as long as you book before you go.

The interior is really nice, gives you a warm cozy feeling. Service is lacking a bit. They serves spanish beer, wine and drinks. Below is One of them. Frances had this blood orange drink. Tasted quite refreshing.

Time for food. Better prepare for it. We had quite a alot of different dishes. Hopefully I can name them
correctly!!! >_<

grilled chorizo with lemon

panfried mushrooms, garlic and rosemary

House Smoked Salmon, blood orange and fennel salad

Pork belly, apple and saffrom, cider reduction

Spiced lentils, tomato, spinach

tuna belly fillets, paprika, lemon zest

Housemade venison sausage

Duck empanadas, harissa aioli

zamarano, honeycomb

churros, pedro ximinez chocolate

All was yummy!! Everything was served beautifully and every dish have their own unique taste. I love tapas, for a person like me who likes to try on a lil bit of this and that tapas is a great way to go. I get to try on everything, sharing nice food with everyone. Thanks to Frances for bringing us to this lovely place. I love it.

662 Newcastle St, Leederville, WA 6007
ph: (08) 9228 0123

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franky said...

jojo, the place is DuendE. :)

Jo Serwey said...

ahh~ silly me..

Unknown said...

you are my new blog. Love all the food....