Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dinner @ Big Noodle Bowl, Vic Park

It was a pretty busy & tiring day for me and Joe today.
It's Sunday and it's suppose to be relaxing but we couldn't because we got tons of cleaning up to do.
Woke up in the morning, washed 2 loads of my clothes, thinking about my godfather and his family, wondering if they are alright, online check mails & facebook, had breakfast with Joe, hang out the clothes, rest for a while, then went out to pick up a fridge from Khrys because he is moving to Brunei for good since we need extra fridge at home to stock up more frozen food.
After picking up the fridge, went home and had the fridge cleaned. The fridge was abit dirty because they didn't use it for a few months. After moving things around and cleaning it, we manage to get our fridge up and ready to use. Those cleaning and tidying up the kitchen took us probably 3hour. We were dead tired after that.

We took a shower and get ready to go to Big Noodle Bowl with Joe's high school mate William & his gf Jersie.

Big Bowl Noodle Restaurant in Vic Park is a francaise from the one in Northbridge. This restaurant was huge. Very spacious and the portion of the food is pretty big too.

Joe had the Bake Cheese Noodle with Bacon and Mushroom
I like this one! But It was too big! it's abit filling after eating half of it though. Mske sure u have big appetite b4 u order this! :P

I had Beef Keuy Teow with Egg Sauce
It's good too! I finish the whole plate and feel so full after.

William's noodle, I don't know what he ordered. But it was huge!

Jersie had the Zha Zhiang Mian

and we ordered this to share.
Fish Skin with Pork Dumpling
It was yum!

Then we took a short walk to the newly open UTOPIA the bubble tea shop! I'm sooooo excited that Utopia open a shop just opposite my workplace! I can drink bubble tea whenever I want to and I can have asian breads and cakes anytime! This is awesome.

Victoria Park is now the new Northbridge! Don't you agree?
I'm slowly loving it.

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