Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy Week

This week must be my busiest week in November. I have no time to blog about what I've been doing at all. What I'm going to do is to write out what I did and where I went since Monday.

Monday night after work.
Very obvious, I went to the photography class. Look! I'm so cool with that huge camera.

Anyway, I was into photography (as always) but I never have the chance to properly learn it. As you know photography as a hobby does cost a bomb. So, before I buy the SLR camera, I thought it may be good to know about the SLR camera function 1st. So I did some research online on photography course and I stumbled across this website call Camera Club.
I gave Frances this 3 day course of photography as a very early christmas present. We went there together with a curious feeling because we have no idea how the class works. (it was good experience for me after attending it, hehe)
A 2 hours course for 3 days, teach you from the basic understanding of the camera, lighting techniques to Photo editing.

This is not my camera of course. I borrowed it from the photographer while practicing the aperture and stuff. It's freaking heavy!

For that 3 days course, I think it is quite enough. To me, photography is a hobby that you can explore by yourself and you can get tons of information about it through books and internet, but of course with the help from the professional, it will be a lot better.

I enjoyed the class and learned quite a bit. Sometimes I just wish that I should have studied photography course instead of graphic design course. But oh well, maybe one day, when I'm better (financially), I will buy the SLR camera myself and attend the course in Tafe.

Tuesday night

I was on late shift working my ass off. :P

Went to christmas presents shopping with Frances Joe and Bo Young.
then Photography class again.

I enjoy this class better than the Monday one hehe.

Thursday night
Went to visit my cousin JL and my aunt. Brought them out to Claremont to take a look at the Claremont Festival.

It was crowded as expected. Too crowded until we had no idea where to go and what's happening. Lot's of things to play for the kids though. I was hoping that I can buy some food there but there's not much.

After walking around aimlessly, so happen that time the parade started, so we just stand aside and watch. There were pretty angels, Santa Claus, and lots of different kind of people wearing pretty costumes.

Then comes the Camels...

cute lil camels walking down the street...

They were so close to me~ nice and clear~

I can see every detail of it~

and it shit right in front of me too~
Bloop bloop bloop~

Look at those freshly baked chestnuts~~~~ mmmm.....
Cover the nose all the way til the parade ends.

Since there's nothing much to do there, we left and I brought them to my favourite dessert place Azure in Mt Hawthorn for dinner.

This was my first time having dinner there and the food was pretty good.
I had the Pork belly for my main. Somehow I will order the Pork Belly dish wherever I saw it on the menu. After tasting it, I still prefer the one in King Street Cafe. Unfortunately, they have changed the menu. So that was my first and last time to have that awesome Pork belly.

For dessert, I ordered the Azure Dessert tasting plate and Tiramisu.

Unbelievably, my thin body cousin finish everything by herself. I salute to her. So thin yet can eat so much. I'm jealous. >_<

Friday Night

Went to Dragon Palace for Karaoke.
iSing. iDance. iDrink. iShout. iPlay. iTired!
Until 3am in the morning since 9pm!!! My voice is gone.

Japanese test. As you know, the whole week I've been really busy yeah busy having fun
I now have to retest on the 5 questions that was wrong. Well, by right I'm pass, but because of that particular section that I got it all wrong, my sensei decided to let me redo that section again next week. Yeap, my result is on hold because of that -_-
Oh well, I think I had enough of Japanese language. I like to learn more but not on the Saturdays morning. I just hate the feeling that I have to go home and study every Friday night after work. It's weekend!!! Plus, I don't think I will ever use it/frequently in my life. After like maybe 5-10 years later, I probably forget everything.

So, I would like to announce that after I get my Cert II in Japanese Language, I will discontinue doing the subject. :D

What did I do on the Saturday night?
Me and my friends celebrated Christmas a month earlier!
It's a costume party as well :)

Some really dressed up for the party, some didn't really.
We had dinner together, played some games and secret santa.

The best part of the night is the FIREWORKS!
Somewhere near the house had something going on that night and they put up some beautiful fireworks! We stood outside the house and yelled Merry Christmas~~!! while the whole neighbourhood is quiet and dark.... 0_0"

Anyway this is what I wore yesterday night.

Dark Angel.


jasonho said...

the photography class didn't teach u not to place food and poop pics side by side? :)

wey said...

oh ya... i think he forgot to tell me that! :P