Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinner @ Zen, Subiaco

It was Alan's birthday yesterday and we went to Zen Japanese Restaurant to celebrate his 25th birthday.

Zen is very popular with the Sea Urchin dishes. Lots of customer, good food and comfortable seating. Service is good but I think they need to hire more waitresses. That 2 waitresses working yesterday looked under pressure and overwork due to lack of staff.

That's the birthday boy smiling happily in the background.

While waiting for everybody to come, 4 of us who reached there on time were feeling hungry, so we ordered some entree to keep our stomach happy. We had the Soft Shell Crab Sushi, Tokoyaki and Chicken Karaage.

Everything tasted really good.

After everybody have arrived, we had more food.

Sea Urchin Sushi.
I'm not really a fan of Sea Urchin really. But my friends seems to like it. It feels like abit soft & slimy. As for the taste.. Sorry.. because of the texture that puts me off a bit.. I can't remember how it is taste like!

Cold Tofu

Huge serve of Sushi Boat

Some Scallops

Beef Tataki


Some Sashimi

This is the menu for drinks. Look at the price for Chivas Regal for double shots. It's 80 freaking bucks! That is 2 bottles of chivas! That is one expensive Chivas man. Pour by the King? Or serve with a bar of gold?

Oh, this is just a random shit that I'm done to the Pannacota served on the house.
Look below. It's from the Zen's site.

I know the Pannacotta that I have got look very different from the one in the website.
Yeap, just look like a slop. But oh well! it's free.

After dinner, we head home to have Alan's birthday pig.
Thats his cake + present! Suckling Pig! It was yum....

I really enjoyed the nice dinner & pig, good laughs, snappin snappin pics (Alan got the DSLR for his birthday from his gf) a nice group of friends to be with and watched the Russell Peter's latest stand up comedy.

A party without alcohol can be really nice and fun as long as we are with a group of close friends.

Zen Japanese Restaurant
Add: Shop2, 1 Seddon Street Subiaco W.A. 6008
Ph: 9381 4931


jasonho said...

wah seh, perth also got that kind of roasted pig?

Wey said...

Haha yeap! And only 1 place sell it! One n only place! Geng! They will earn alot from that!

Anonymous said...

Tell lah please, where to buy that pig?!

Anonymous said...

Chef Hideki Hayashi is a genius. This is my favourite Japanese restaurant in Perth. The food is top notch for the price. Five star food, especially the seafood, always the best quality, creatively presented and always fresh and tasty. This is the only place I've found uni nigiri and the eel nigiri is the best in Perth. On the days when they've closed and I fancy eel, I have tried so many other places that just don't match the quality and flavour of the eel at Zen. Also love the crab sushi and deep fried soft shell crab. The wine list is not the best but tried the recommended food/wine matches and was pleasantly surprised. Pretty good food/wine matching. Unfortunately, I heard due to redevelopment, Zen has to either close or relocate, so if anyone has been meaning to try this restaurant, you better be quick.