Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Affordable Lunch on Melb's Cup Day

It was Melbourne's cup yesterday and we were all hype about which horse to bet on!
We did a little bet in our department and the horses that I picked won 3rd and last place!

Although it's just a small bet, but I was quite happy for the winning!
Other than that, 7 of us chip in $10 each to buy some food to have lunch together at our new graphics chill out zone.
Look at how much we had for our lunch!

There were cakes and drinks still in the fridge waiting for us.

We got ourselves 2 platters from Coles Supermarket and we didn't expect to be so huge!
We couldn't finish the cold cuts and salad.

The food was fresh and yummy. I think it's a good price as well.
For the cold cuts platters, it was only $28
As for the salad, it costs only $25.

Other than that, office provide us some snacks, dips and champers.
We were all indulging all these booze and snacks.
For the first time, I am being a good girl, only had 1 piece of biscuit with cheese and 3 pieces of chips!

From today onwards, I will try my best to cut down my food portion and be a healthy size 8!!!
*crossed fingers*


ching∞ said...

good luck to the both of us :p

daDevil said...

OMg....i im drooling...i like tat meat plater!

jasonho said...

some nasty comments posted by someone?

Wey said...

Ask ho ser ching la... Posted 3 same comments... Haha