Monday, October 19, 2009

Yallingup Trip

Last Friday, Joe and I went to Yallingup with a group of Alan & Cecile's friends. Alan did a lot of planning and organizing to make this trip enjoyable. Really appreciate it Alan.
Click here to see the details of the house.
The house was really awesome. It's HUGE and comfortable.
4 bedrooms, huge kitchen, nice front yard with BBQ area and a nice swimming pool with spa.

The weather was nice too. Not too cold and not too hot.
It was a good experience for me as this is the 1st time I went for a trip with a whole group of strangers. As you know I'm a very super duper quiet girl. right? right?

I made new friends, I try to understand different kind of people, I learnt how to communicate, I learnt about Yallingup and Margaret River, learnt about myself and I learnt to love my camera more.

Making new friends is a difficult thing to do for me. Don't ask me why, but I find it difficult to have a conversation to a person who I just met. I guess I'm afraid of saying the wrong things or I'm not knowledgable enough to strike a conversation. But I did learnt a lot from other people, how they can talk about everything that they know. It made me feel that I need to study or read more books! I felt that I couldn't catch up on what they are talking about. I realised my knowledge is very shallow compared to them. Time for catching up.

Understand people. It was amazing to see just a group of people, all from the same place, act differently, think differently, share differently and talk differently. I guess that's how you learn from each other?

To open up my mind to people who I don't know is a huge challenge for me. I'm a very slow person in the sense of making friends. I do think that I'm a timid girl, but inside me is really noisy and unexpected weird. I remembered that a few times, some of my friends categorize me as a weirdass girl because of my sudden action. It's not in a bad way, it's just they were shock seeing me like this. I guess as time goes by, they will get used to my weird actions.

I never really fancy greeneries, mountains, sea or plants when I was young. I am more a city girl. After I have been here in Perth for 5 years, I started to love greens, relaxing sceneries and maybe a slow walk by the sea. I feel calm and peaceful in me. Sometimes I think to myself, is it good to be so peaceful and calm? When I have nothing to do, I tend to think about problems, think about things that maybe will happened in the future, because I got plenty of free time. Sometimes I want my busy life back, so that I don't have the time to think.

In this trip, there were a few people carry camera around to take nice photos.
SLR, normal digital camera and semi SLRs.
I started to realise something about taking good photos.
Sometimes its not only about what camera you used and understanding on the SLR buttons like aperture or shutter speed, it's also about the artistic view from yourself.
How you see this in different angle is fairly important.

A lot of people thinks that getting a SLR means you will have good photos. But think about it carefully... is it a good resolution photo or really a GOOD photo.

As a learner myself, I am slowly understanding the art of taking the photographs, slowly loving my camera(forget bout EP1 hehe).

People always say picture says a thousand words.
But who is actually saying it? The one who is in the photo or the one behind the camera?

Just a 3 days trip, I gain 1 kg and ended up with a big round tummy.
Just a 3 days trip, it made me fell in love with my camera once again.
Just a 3 days trip, I think I have changed my views on a lot of things in my life.

It's time to grow 1 extra white hair for thinking too much :)

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