Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vintage Barbie Exhibition, Art Gallery

On the sunny Sunday afternoon, I was a little leg itchy, wants to go to have a look at Vintage Barbie exhibition at the Art gallery. Then I saw Kristy on facebook saying this.

hohooho...she's in holiday mood! maybe she might be interested in barbiessss....
I asked her and she said yes, so we went. hehe XD

But first we must feed our tummy..
We went to Frances' favourite shop. Nao's Ramen shop. Nao have changed the menu and there were lots of choices now.

Kristy had the shio ramen

I had the new one, Ramen cold noodle + Chashu. Yum!
Reminder: don't drink the soup by it's own.. it's sour.

and I had the Taiyaki~~~ fishy fishy~ yum.

Then off we go to the Art gallery.
Shh... don't tell anyone that I took the photos..they don't allow people to take photos of the vintage barbies hehehe.. I can't help it.. but anyway, the photos turns out crappy anyway.. cant even see the barbies clearly.

Anyway, at least you will have the idea of how it looks like in the exhibition.

It's interesting to see those vintage barbies.. they look very stylish and fashionable! Really. If you pass by the Art gallery, make sure u go in and have a look, it only takes you 5-10minutes, longer if you look at the details of the barbies.

After that, we went to the shop in the art gallery, they sells barbies too. There are some nice ones and some really weird ones like this.

Gosh... worst looking barbie ever.

Some looks really cool and different

The prettiest barbie of all is the Heidi Klum Barbie.

Look at the pretty eyes!!! Awww I want one!!! Anybody wanna buy for me??? It's only AUD89~~@_@

These are the rest of the Barbie's on sale and the Mermaid Barbie too.

Barbie can swim~

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