Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Nice Couple-y Day

It was a long time since we last have a date for a day due to work and other stuff that keep us occupied and of course the cold winter weather that put us off.

Today is our off day and we had a nice time going for a lil adventure. With my original plan to go to Joondalup shopping, we end up stopping by some unrelevant places that we weren't expect to go to. But since it's a "adventure" day, we decide to go with the flow.
First, we start our day with a lovely pancake that made by Joe. Then rest for a bit, get changed and off we go. We drove passed a Clearance Shop at Belmont, we turned in and parked. I had always been curious what they sell in the clearance shop that situated around some business area and factories. We went in and we bought a dozen of glasses. It was good quality and cheap!
Why glasses? I know we got lots of glasses at home but as you know we love dessert and we don't have a proper pretty dessert cups, so that's why we bought it. I can make more Tiramisu in a cup now :P But actually, we got something else planned.

Anyway, it was 12.30pm and it's time for lunch. We were not sure where to go for lunch, so we end up using the Urbanspoon application in my iphone to decide for us. It's a very cool application, you can choose which city, what's your budget and what kind of food you want, then shake the phone to get a restaurant that they pick for you. Well, after shaking it a few times, we got FAB burger place in Hillarys Boat Harbour.

You can draw on the paper with markers! I love Scribbling~
Yeap, we went there and ordered a Supreme burger, a Breakfast burger, 1 bowl of chips, 1 cider and 1 beer. The menu was quite impressive. They used good quality ingredient and presentation was good too. Unfortunately, it was not worth it with what we had paid for. We were hoping for a burger that is full of flavours and yum. Somehow.. the burger tasted quite blend..
Don't get me wrong, everything was good, the bread was awesome, beef was awesome, mushrooms were good too.. but somehow when everything put together, it doesn't give me the umph feeling!

After lunch, we went to Pot Black to have a few games of pool. I'm not in the luck today. Kept losing. bloody shit. We played some arcade games as well.
After that we went straight to Joondalup shopping centre at 4pm. Finally. :P
We had a quick walk and a quick groceries shop because the shops closes at 5.30pm.
We head home, unpacked the groceries and Joe started to make a Strawberry dessert in 1 hour.
Easy and quick.

Then at around 7pm, we met up with Alice and had Korean food with her at Sinabro.
It was quite cheap. Only about $27 pp, free soft drinks and fruits. But the selections, not really fantastic. But we still manage to stuff our tummy until FULL and HARD.
We can't sit, walk or talk even after that.
After dinner, drop off Alice and head back home. Took a shower, rest for a bit, then we brought out the Strawberry dessert out from the fridge. It's a creamy & jelly like kind of dessert.

It tasted so nice!!! It was refreshing, not too sweet and not rich too! Easy to make too!! I love it!
Bo Young had the whole cup of it. Oh btw, those are the glasses that we bought for our dessert. Simple and classy.

What a lovely, tired and FULL day. <3
I don't think I ever feel hungry today. -_-

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