Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lunch @ Yip Kee, Maylands

It's my off day again~ Yoohooo!
I decided to go to a restaurant that I have never been before~

Yip Kee at Maylands.
I have heard some good reviews about them before but it was out of my way, so I didn't get to try it until now. I was a bit excited to see how good they were.

Joe and I had Fried Yam Duck to share

Joe had Sui Gao Noodle

and I had the Wonton Noodle.

Well, can't say it was fantastic. It was just normal and it doesn't taste anything close to the ones in my own country. I won't say it's not good until I try their specialties. Which is the Bak kut teh, Fish head rice noodles, penang fried min sin and chai tau keuh that is only available on Sat and Sun. These 4 dishes is hard to find anywhere in Perth. So, I GOT TO TRY. Maybe this Saturday? hehe will see.

Yip Kee Noodle Restaurant
205 Guildford Rd, Maylands
9371 8818
Open Tues - Sun

Then I went to city's Woolworth and came across this drink.

POM wonderful
Heard that Pomegranate is good for health, so I thought I can buy and try it.
I bought the Pom Mango, a small bottle like this cost about $2.45.
It was a lil bit too sweet I think. But since it is good for health, I had to finish it no matter what!
Anyway, have a look at thier website, looks really healthy hahaha

Yip Kee on Urbanspoon


daDevil said... cousins fav chinese restaurant!

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha shud be good then?

Anonymous said...

I tried Yip Kee - eeeee horrible food lah. Worst Malaysian restaurant I have been to in Perth! Please review weekend specials at Hoi Bo in Bedford - they have Malaysian hawker specials on weekends. I tried it recently and it was authentic. Some dishes were the best in Perth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

I like the Fried Fish head rice noodles. Tried that a few times, seems popular item.

The Char Siew is a tat too sweet for me.

The Fried Mee Suah is good as well.

Jo Serwey said...

Been to Hoi Bo and tried their famous Chicken Rice. It was quite good :) I like the fried garlic they put on top! flavorsome~


I have tried the Fish Head Rice Noodle :) it was okay for me.. I still prefer the one that I had in KL.. hahaha unforgetable..

I haven't try the Fried Mee Suah! I shall try it one day! Have you tried Yip Kee II in northbridge? :)