Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lonely Sunday Afternoon

Sunday is the quietest day in the week for me because everybody is working.
So I did some cleaning today. Wash my bed sheets, wash my clothes, tidy up my messy room, vacumm. Now my room is CLEAN CLEAN~~
Then I put mask on my face and watch TVB drama. At the moment I'm watching the The Stew of Life. It's pretty good. They talk about food, family, friends, life and love of course. It's comedy as well. In some ways, the drama does relate a bit of the people that i know in my life. haha

Anyway, yesterday, my DEAREST sister was having fun making fun of me by sending me this photo.

Big huge juicy DURIAN. -_-
@#$@$%$^ Everybody knows I love durian! and I cant get it here in Perth. Such a nice sister isn't she. She did try her best to send me some durian afterall!

Since I got no durian. I decided to have some packet cheesecake that I bought from Korean shop in the city yesterday.

Well, it's yellow anyway.. similar to durian.. -_- lying to myself.
I have such a sad life isn't it.

Anyway, I love fluffy cheesecake. So I thought I can give this a try. Fortunately enough, this cheesecake tasted good. I think it's not cheesey but the texture is nice. Too bad it's such a small piece.

Where got enough right!?!? So small. No choice lar~~~ no REAL DURIAN!

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ching∞ said...

so now you know HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, sista! ;)