Friday, October 2, 2009


I finally got my iphone!!!
As you know, when I decided to want something, I will try my VERY BEST to get it.
I have the stupid urge badly that I will go to the extreme to get it.

To get this iphone, I went to 2 Hutchison Three shop, I called up at least 20 store/dealer shops in Perth and I chased the shop for it. It's out of stock everytime I wanted it. So I waited and waited thinking maybe its fated, maybe god doesn't want me to get it because it's not good.

I always thought iphone may not be a good phone to use after I read all the reviews on the iphone. 1stly, the quality of the camera puts me off, then the review on the phone heating up too quickly. So I thought, maybe I shall wait for a better one.

Unfortunately, I couldn't wait. After watching the iphone Sketch application from youtube, my heart/brain/soul couldn't resist the awesomeness of the application. It makes me wants the iphone even more. Everyday looking at the site thinking up and down, left and right.. should I really get it?

Few days later, my nokia phone played up. A fully charged phone, used for 5 minutes, it become low batt. wtf right. Maybe it's a hint hint form god~ ^_^ hahaha
So, after struggling and waiting with hope and fear for 3 days... I finally owned the iphone 3Gs 16gb. Straight home, plugged in and download tons of applications including this!!!!

Sketch Autodesk. Freaking awesome. Best ever!!!!!
Sorry for the bad drawing, it was my 1st attempt of drawing using that application.

You wanna know how I feel about this iphone??

This is how I feel about it! XD Can't sleep tonite liao. hehe busy busy.


jasonho said...

yikes, now u r making mine look like a piece of junk. haha.

Jo Serwey said...

hahahahah u can too la! same wan rite? go dl the application! :P