Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Best Mood Ever. Eatingwa VIP card

Did morning fast walk on the treadmill while watching tvb drama, had yummy peanut butter n strawberries sandwich, took a refreshing shower, wore my cute rabbit T to work. When I got there at my desk, I saw a tiny envelope with my name on it. Curious, opened it up and saw the forever friends bear tiny card with a eatingwa VIP card!!! My mood was flying high, thinking what's the special occasion! Opened up the card, saw a huge thank you written on the left side of the card.

It was a gift for me from Brooke for helping her on designing her awesome birthday invitation cards. I was happy to get this gift because I can get tons of discounts from many restaurants in WA and after 5 times of using it, I get to have a bottle of wine for free!!! Joe will be happy :)

I thought I'm having some bad luck recently... But I guess it's gone now!!! Haha thanks Brooke for the thoughtful gift! Love it!


What isit so good about the eatingwa VIP card??
You will get,
  • Discounts at Western Australia's top rating restaurants!
  • FREE bottle of wine from Cellarbrations or Liquor Barons!
  • Multiple uses at your favourite restaurant!
If you love eating out like I do, you should get this VIP card. It's worth it.
You can get 25% off the bill from selected restaurants. There are around 53 restaurants for you to choose from. Use the card 5 times at top rating restaurants and receive your free bottle of wine from Celarbrations or Liqour Barons!
Go to eatingwa now and sign up as a member.
What's even better? You will get more discount if you are RAC member when you purchase the VIP card!!
How Awesome it that??
It's time to hunt for good food again~ ^-^ weeeeeee...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you love your present Jojo, your welcome!. I expect to see lots of great photos and reviews from all these restaurants!! Brooke

Jo Serwey said...

I will!!